Best Luxury Duplex Bungalow in Pune

Why to Buy the West London Style Luxury Bungalow in Pune?

Have you ever been to the posh district of West London by the name of Notting hill and dreamt of a home? Or maybe just have a hidden desire to live a European lifestyle? We at Pride World City with our offerings of luxury bungalow in Puneare helping this dream come true like never before, that too, close to the very heart of the city! The Row Houses from us, as well as the marina facing European twin bungalows have the name of Notting Hill. The name tells the origins and the style quotient of the Duplex bungalow in Pune.

Owning A Luxury Bungalow in Pune

A Brit lifestyle in India may sound quite spectacularand surprising enough, but it does involve a ground breaking visionary approach. The idea for an international lifestyle stems from our MD Mr. Arvind Jain. His dream of a self-sustainable city in India is coming to life through Pride world City. His indomitable willpower and knowledge alongside the drawn ideas from his travelling is the blueprint of such a project. Our completed projects of Brooklyn and Long island are already giving the taste of International lifestyle.

The Location of Best Luxury Bungalow in Pune

When there is the mention of Pune 412105, understand it is the heart of a modern day luxury lifestyle. Pride World City at Charholi is a place where residential projects are bringing on a new level of luxury living. This is one of the fastest growing suburbs within the vicinity of the main city. Pride World City with its 400 acres area is the perfect home of an upcoming European lifestyle. A luxury bungalow in Pune is thus having every connection with the main city without the din and the pollution.

What to Expect from The Best Duplex Bungalow in Pune?

Residents may very well enjoy the affluence of West London while living in Notting Hill. The best luxury bungalow in Pune from us has English design architecture alongside the whiff of a London charm oozing from it. Thus living standards like that a Brit in a luxury bungalow in Pune.

Our Project at Pride World City Notting Hill Offers;

  • European Architecture denoting the lifestyle. This is a token of the posh West London lifestyle in Pune.
  • Enough space all around for a British way of living to flourish at the maximum.
  • All amenities on provision undergo hand picking and adequate curation from us.

Thus with a serene marine view and the quintessential English lifestyle in twin bungalows and row houses, our residents will get to enjoy amenities like;

  • Community hall
  • Jogging track around a luxury bungalow in pune
  • Playing area for Children
  • A water body
  • Treatment plants for water and sewage
  • A lawn
  • Tot-lot area and so on.

No Ordinary Life at The Best Duplex Bungalow in Pune

For sure Notting Hill has the flavour of an Imperial Lifestyle with a good dollop of affluence. We may state it as our craftsmanship to bring out the royal identity of the residents. With the lifestyle upheaval at our duplex bungalow in Pune, the residents won’t be settling for anything less ever again. This is the apex of living standards that aren’t found anywhere.

An English Postcard Luxury Bungalow in Pune

The best luxury bungalow in Pune just looks similar to that of a picture on an English postcard. The Notting Hill project has a serene Backdrop with beautiful architecture. We take pride in being able to undertake such a masterpiece of a project.

Life can undergo a true British lifestyle here with another worldly charm that is truly rare to find. With the various amenities and the overall European aesthetics on offer, this is a life that is truly a class apart from the rest.


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