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Integrated Living Vs. Standalone Residence

Integrated Living Vs. Standalone Residence

If you’re looking to invest in a home, you are likely to be faced with the dilemma of choosing between a home at an integrated living project and a standalone residence. While there are advantages and disadvantages to both options, integrated living—as seen in township projects—addresses in many ways the needs of residents in urban India today.

Here are some parameters on which you can weigh the two options against each other:

  1. Living environment: Integrated living offers you a blissful, quiet, and pollution-free environment that is also largely self-contained. Add to that an ample dose of vast open and lush green spaces, world-class amenities, a good location and excellent connectivity, and it becomes the ideal living environment within the city. Standalone residences in the city can rarely match up to this.
  1. Location: Integrated living at a residential development or township is more easily accessible and better connected than a standalone residence can be. These developments are well connected to roads, public transport, schools, hospitals, shopping malls and retail outlets. A standalone house, on the other hand, may not necessarily offer this kind of visibility and connectivity.
  1. Amenities: Integrated living projects offer you an impressive range of lifestyle, fitness and recreational amenities. From a state-of-the-art gymnasium to a swimming pool, landscaped garden, children’s play area, clubhouse, mini-theatre and café, you can find it all under one roof. This saves you the hassle of commuting from one place to another within the city, which is becoming a bigger problem with every passing day. A standalone residence is not likely to be equipped with such amenities.  
  1. Sustainability: Sustainable living is the need of the hour, and integrated living addresses this need while offering you a comfortable living experience. Solar powered energy and water harvesting are some cost-effective examples of green living at large developments, which may be hard to implement in standalone residences.
  1. Maintenance and conveniences: Residential projects are meticulously planned to include a variety of residential conveniences under one roof, such as parking facilities, high-powered elevators, medical services, maintenance and repairs, shopping and groceries, clubhouse facilities, entertainment and recreation. Uninterrupted power and water supply are other advantages of integrated living. In a standalone house, you will have to make these provisions for yourself.
  1. Privacy and exclusivity: A standalone house may offer a better experience of privacy and exclusivity; however, these luxuries can come at the cost of the amenities, services and security features.
  1. Safety and security: At integrated living projects, you can avail the advantages of a multi-layered security system, with a gated complex, CCTV surveillance, and intercom facility. The internal roads and building safety mechanisms are also very meticulously planned. This may not be the case with stand-alone residences.

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