Why Is Township Living A Preferred Choice For Homebuyers Today?

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Urban cities of today are growing in every possible direction, each passing day. This ever-continuing expansion has given rise to a new set of problems. People have to travel long distances to go various destinations like malls, hospitals, schools, workplaces, etc. And long distances aren’t the only problem, but traffic too. This has led to ...Read more

What Makes Charholi The Perfect Spot For Investments?

What Makes Charholi The Perfect Spot For Investments?

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Pune has always been a much sought-after real estate investment destination. In the recent years, Charholi has emerged as a lucrative investment micro-market within the city, and there are many reasons for this. Let’s take a look at what makes Charholi the perfect investment spot in Pune. 1. Strategic location: Strategically located at about 6 km ...Read more