Eco Firendly Amenities

5 Eco-friendly Amenities at Kingsbury

5 Eco-friendly Amenities at Kingsbury

We live in times when following eco-friendly measures isn’t a choice anymore. It has become a necessity. Because if we don’t take steps to conserve our environment, we wouldn’t leave a safe & favourable environment for our next generations.

Understanding this necessity, Pride World City has been built keeping sustainability in mind. And when we say Pride World City, it means the township infrastructure on a broader level and its residential projects on a micro-level.

So, here are the 5 eco-friendly amenities that are provided at Kingsbury.

1.Rainwater Harvesting

When we talk about eco-friendly measures, water conservation is the first point that comes to our mind, right? And water conservation not only means preventing water wastage but also effective usage of water available to us.

The Pune region receives medium-to-high levels of rainfall every year. So many lakhs of litres of water, which could be utilised better, just goes down our drains. Thankfully, the rainwater harvesting system at Kingsbury channels this water to a storage for later utilisation.

2.Garbage Chute

ly important to have a clean and healthy environment. But imagine you live on the 10th floor of a building, and your maintenance guy has been sick for a week. How will you take all your garbage to the ground floor and dispose it? Though you may use the elevator, but it’d only cause discomfort to others due to the odour or spilled waste. That’s why, garbage chutes are provided on each floor of the apartment buildings at Kingsbury. They cut down your dependency on maintenance guys and help for easy and effective waste disposal.

3.Sewage Treatment Plant

Gated communities house thousands of families in a small area. Due to which a lot of wastewater is generated in a small area itself. And it must be disposed of properly. If this wastewater is released directly into the environment, it makes the environment unhygienic and smelly. Besides, the wastewater also has human waste in it, which contains disease-causing bacteria. Once the wastewater becomes infected with these bacteria, it becomes a potential health hazard for the people living in the area.

The sewage treatment plant at Kingsbury eliminates the threats from wastewater by removing harmful contaminants and disposing it safely.

4.Organic Waste Convertor

Just like the example of wastewater above, a lot of solid waste is generated as well. Disposing this waste in the open leads to unhygienic and even hazardous living conditions. So, instead, the organic waste convertor decomposes organic waste to yield organic compost, which can be utilised for other useful purposes. This not only helps to keep the environment clean, but if the compost is fed to plants, it also acts as a great fertiliser for them.

5.Drip/Sprinkler Irrigation For Landscaping

We want our surroundings to be as beautiful as possible, right? Which is why, Kingsbury has a lot of landscaped greens. But to maintain the beauty of this landscaping, we have to water it every day. So, to utilise water effectively and to prevent wastage, irrigation is done across the landscaped areas.

Kingsbury is a residential project of spacious 2 & 3 BHK homes inside the 400-acre Pride World City.