2/3 BHK Luxury Flats/Apartments in Pune

Why to Choose a King’s Abode of Luxury Flats in Pune?

When we are making luxury flats in Pune, we are ensuring to build a kingdom. The word flats and apartment may not sound to be too luxurious. Yet we are building homes fit for kings. Our existence has been about our vision to offer international living standards. Our offering of 2 or 3 bhk luxury flats in Pune by the name of Manhattan and Kingsbury replicates the exact feel as the New York borough or the London Borough of Brent.

Where from Our Ideas Came for 2Bhk Luxury Flats in Pune?

We owe our vision to our MD., Mr Arvind Jain.He is someone who has been dreaming dreams of courage, and making the impossible possible. His global travel and the quest for knowledge led to the idea of building a 400 acres self-sustainable city like Pride World City in Pune. The completed projects of Brooklyn and Long Island establish the authenticity and the success of his visions.

How to Know the Location of 2Bhk Flat in Pune?

Pride World city offers luxury flats in Pune at a very important location. This is a strategic location which is a suburb yet not far from the main busy city centre. Charholi or Pune 412105 is now the heart of everything. Here luxury is just at the feet of our residents.

Looking to Buy A 2Bhk Flat in Pune?

Actually, just the term flats do not denote opulence or luxury. But believe us; our projects Manhattan & Kingsbury have the design and the standards to please the most rigid of personalities. And these are not just 2bhk but also come in a kingly 3 & 4 RLK or room living kitchen. There is the availability of every comfort and luxury. These 2 &3 bhk flats in Pune set living standards from the ordinary by a class apart.

The New Age of 3Bhk Luxury Flats In Pune

While people have been looking for 2 &3 bhk flats in Pune under 60 lakhsfor long,weare finally making their dream come true. We are helping bring on a revolution courtesy our Manhattan and Kingsbury projects. Our completed Long Island and Brooklyn projects are a success for striking the right chords. The rooms of such apartments are all spacious with maximum allowance for luxury to spread out. The 6 G+16 towers of Kingsbury for instance have no shortage of amenities. A few from a long list of amenities at Kingsbury are;

  • Community hall & party lawn
  • Play area for children
  • Walking and jogging track
  • Shopping area
  • Amphitheatre
  • Gazebo to name a few.

Kingsbury with one of the best luxury flats in Pune is about tasteful living. Something like this sets the luxury apartment apart. There is a certain elevation in the living lifestyle of people. And we as the builders are proud to present such an aspect. As we said before, both the projects of Manhattan and Kingsbury can satisfy the most rigid of perfection seekers.

The Kingdom of 3Bhk Luxury Flats In Pune

This is an abode of luxury which comes from us especially for the comfort lovers. Living has never been this easy and special. Lifestyle at Manhattan and Kingsbury opens up greatness from the basic plan of the apartments. The 2 &3bhk luxury flats in Pune are a work from the most expert of architects and professionals. At the end of the day, we care about the lifestyle we have on offer alongside the magnitude of the infrastructure.

Pride World City’s Luxury Flats

We understand, Charholi as the location of 2 and 3 bhk flats in Pune, that too luxury can sound a bit too much to be true. But the truth is, the suburb is indeed serving a strategic location for our dream project of a self-sustainable city within the reaches of the main city. The apartments comprising of 2, 3&4 RLK’s are nothing short of a paradise. The names of our projects at Pride World City like Manhattan and Kingsbury reflect most honestly the international lifestyle they are representing.


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