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3 BHK Flats In Dhanori Pune – Dive Into Luxury

Property In Charholi Pune- Discover Your Dream Property

Discover Your Dream 3BHK Flat in Dhanori, Pune. Explore a range of residential options and investment opportunities in this thriving location.

Your perfect 3 BHK apartment is waiting to be found in Dhanori, Pune! Happy days, modern homebuyers! Dhanori provides the ideal solution for your goals, whether you’re looking for an elegant hideaway, an economical sanctuary, or the ease of a gem that’s ready to move into.

Affordability at Your Fingertips with 3BHK Flats In Dhanori

Although Dhanori offers a lively lifestyle, it can be difficult to find the ideal house within your means. Thankfully, Dhanori offers a variety of inexpensive options. Examine your possibilities to realize your dream of owning a contemporary three-bedroom apartment.

Experience Modern Living with 3BHK Flats In Dhanori

Finding the right home within your budget can be challenging, despite the vibrant lifestyle that Dhanori has to offer. Fortunately, Dhanori provides a range of low-cost solutions. Consider your options if you want to fulfill your ambition of buying a modern three-bedroom apartment. 

Dhanori Homes offers newly constructed, thoughtfully designed 4BHK flats

Dhanori properties provide newly constructed, well-thought-out 3BHK apartments that effortlessly combine style and functionality. Large living spaces are ideal for relaxing or entertaining, and well-equipped kitchens encourage gastronomic exploration. Numerous balconies provide a connection to the outside world and a breath of fresh air, resulting in a cosy and fashionable atmosphere.

Luxury Is Within Reach with 3BHK Flats In Dhanori

With its three-bedroom flats, Dhanori redefines luxury living. Exquisite details, such as chic flooring and elegant worktops, produce an opulent and welcoming atmosphere. Modern amenities are designed to make you feel comfortable and convenient. Dhanori homes provide you with everything you need, including the ability to relax in a shimmering pool or work out in a cutting-edge gym.

Begin your Dhanori trip right now to find the ideal three-bedroom apartment that fulfils your aspirations and displays your flair!

Finding Your Perfect Fit

Under Construction and Ready-to-Move-In Options Under Construction 3 BHK Flats Dhanori, Pune

Every person’s road towards owning a home is different. Dhanori provides a range of solutions to accommodate your needs and tastes because of this. Want to add a little something more to your home and have a say in how it’s finished? Our 3BHK flats in Dhanori, Pune, are now under development and are the ideal choice! With this option, you may design a home that perfectly captures your taste by choosing characteristics.

Ready to Move In Today

You may move into your ideal home immediately with Dhanori’s variety of ready-to-move-in 3BHK flats in Dhanori, Pune. You can begin living in Dhanori as soon as possible with these stunning apartments—there’s no need to wait months for modifications to be planned or to put up with construction noise.

Why Choose 3BHK Flats in Dhanori?

Dhanori has become one of Pune’s most sought-after areas, providing an alluring fusion of convenience, connectivity, and a lively sense of community. When looking for your ideal house, Dhanori ought to be at the top of your list for the following reasons:

Strategic Connectivity

Prime Location, Prime Convenience

Excellent access to all of Pune’s important areas is a feature of Dhanori. The city center, airport, and train station are all easily accessible via major roads and highways. Dhanori will soon be even more accessible because to the planned Ring Road project, which will make the area a genuinely well-connected paradise.

Beyond Connectivity

Modern Amenities for a Modern Lifestyle

Dhanori is more than simply a handy location. Many contemporary conveniences are available to residents at their doorstep. There are plenty of shopping centers, reputable schools, and well-equipped hospitals to meet your everyday needs. Everything from hip cafes and restaurants to thrilling entertainment alternatives can be found in Dhanori. It beckons, promising an opulent lifestyle unmatched by anything else.

Luxury at Your Doorstep

Luxurious Living Beyond the Walls

We are aware that living in luxury extends beyond your house’s boundaries. Dhanori real estate offers developments that are modern-day paradises with all the conveniences of home, enabling you to fully enjoy life.

You can find your ideal property in Dhanori, so don’t search any more. Savor opulent living in a prominent location with an abundance of contemporary conveniences. 

Top Properties in Dhanori Pune

Why Choose Us?

Pune’s Dhanori neighbourhood has a lively environment for your ideal home, but selecting the right developer is essential. Pride World City is your reliable partner in realizing your Dhanori dream, so look no further!

Here's why Pride World City stands out

A Tradition of Excellence:

Pride Group is the parent company of Pride World City, one of Pune’s top real estate developers. Our commitment to superior construction, imaginative design, and timely project completion ensures a trouble-free and stress-free experience.

Variety Awaits:

We take care of all your property-related needs in Pune’s Dhanori. We give a variety of housing options to suit your needs and budget, ranging from spacious 3 and 4 BHK apartments in Dhanori that are ideal for families to contemporary urban living options.

Your Dream, Our Specialization:

We understand that your home is made up of more than simply structural components. Whether you’re searching for a spacious family getaway like the duplexes in our Montreal project or stylish urban living like the contemporary flats in Wellington that start at Rs. 99.65 lacs, we have solutions to suit your needs.

Unwavering Customer Service:

Our dedication extends beyond the sale. Pride World City offers exceptional customer service, ensuring that your requirements are met long after you move in. Our dedicated team is here to assist you at any moment with any inquiries or problems.

Never settle for anything less than your ideal home! To learn more about Pride World City, get in contact with them right now. We intend to provide you with a home of your dreams and a community in which you feel at home. Let’s start your Dhanori journey together.


What amenities are included in the 3BHK flats?

Gym, Tennis Court, Yoga Deck, Child Play Ground Area, Club House, Open Theatre, Swimming Pool, and more

What is the pricing range for these flats?

In Dhanori, Pune, a three-bedroom multistory apartment costs, on average, ₹99.65 Lac as of April 2024, while the median price is ₹99.65 Lac. In Dhanori, 3BHK apartments range in price from ₹99.65 Lac to ₹1.09 Crore.

Is there sufficient parking available?


What are the nearby facilities and attractions?

Here are some nearby locations to Dhanori, Pune:

  1. Pune Airport (PNQ)
  2. Vishrantwadi Market
  3. Kapil Maternity & General Hospital
  4. Yerwada Central Jail
  5. Aga Khan Palace
  6. Bund Garden

What are the advantages of investing in a 3BHK flat in Dhanori, Pune?

Because of its advantageous position close to major IT parks and the Pune International Airport, Viman Nagar offers a good investment opportunity. Professionals and students in particular have a steady demand for rental apartments. The region is becoming more and more appealing to investors looking for capital appreciation and reliable rental income due to its growing business district, proximity to educational institutions, and better road and public transportation infrastructure.

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